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The 11th of February was the beginning of the longest Lítore meeting so far. This time our meeting point was Madrid, from where we headed to Cerezales del Condado, León, where we would spend our first days of the meeting. After this six-day experience, we had the opportunity to do a small concert tour in the region of Castilla y León before traveling to Maastricht, The Netherlands, to give our first international concert. It has been 2 weeks full of intensity, in which many details have happened that will remain in our memories. We tell you all about it!

In the early morning of Monday 12th February we arrived in Cerezales del Condado, a village in the rural area of León that hosted our working days with the Ukrainian composer Adrian Mokanu.  Amidst nature, animals and incredible facilities, we launched our new programme La Sonrisa de las Tumbas and the premiere work Tras las Aguas Leteas. Living all together again in the same house reminded us of our time as students in Palma and the wonderful Lítore Apartment, where we shared so many moments. 

If you want to know the details of our time at the Cerezales Foundation, the artistic residency and Adrian Mokanu's work, here are the latest blog entries:

The first stage of this meeting ended on Saturday 16th February with the premiere of our new programme and Adrian's play surrounded by our families, who traveled to León to listen to us. The next day, we said goodbye to Cerezales del Condado after visiting its incredible nativity scene, and settled in the city of León. There we rested and prepared our concerts of the Juventudes Musicales de España tour, which took us to the Sala Fundos in Veguellina de Órbigo (17th February), the Teatro El Albéitar in León (18th February) and the Conservatorio Cristóbal Halffter in Ponferrada (19th February). During this second stage of the meeting, we were very well accompanied by Miquel's parents, with whom we shared the wonderful gastronomy of León and walks through the emblematic places of the city, such as its spectacular cathedral.

Despite the tow truck taking our car away in León and the early start to get to Madrid on time, on Thursday 22nd February we were back at Madrid-Barajas airport to catch our flight to Brussels. After overbooking, a train connection by the skin of our teeth and more than 13 hours of traveling by car, plane and train, we finally arrived in Maastricht. There we met up again with our beloved maestro Xabier Casal, whom we were really looking forward to seeing again. In addition to our concert on the morning of Saturday 24 February, we had an intense day of masterclasses at the Maastricht Conservatory on Friday 23 February. There we had the opportunity to work with Xavier Larsson, Eva van Grinsven and all the members of the Fukio Quartet: an absolute reference for us, both musically and personally. Thank you so much for your ideas, you are an inspiration. 

We were also able to meet and listen to our colleagues from the saxophone class at the conservatory, whom we hope to see again soon. Thanks to Eva and Jean-Pierre, the teachers of the Maastricht Conservatory and Hugo, for inviting us and sharing these days with us. 

This intense meeting had its final climax at the Cellebroederskapel on Saturday morning, February 24th, a lovely place where we said goodbye until our next meeting in Zurich in a month and a half. Thanks to all those who attended and especially to the organisers, who treated us so well and made our international premiere possible. 

We would also like to thank Isa, who hosted half of the quartet during our stay in Maastricht, and who couldn't have treated us better. Thank you Isa, you are the best!

It's been an incredible two weeks that have given us the courage and enthusiasm to continue with more strength than ever. We take with us people, memories and ideas that, for sure, will bear fruit in the future. See you soon!


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