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This month marks the third anniversary of our first quartet rehearsal. In our beginnings, we rehearsed in the evenings in the studios of the Conservatori Superiorde Música de les Illes Balears, packed like sardines in a can and still without even a name under which to introduce ourselves. Andante et Scherzo by Eugène Bozza became the first musical moment on our path, and thanks to this work we began to take our first steps with great enthusiasm and guided by the advice of our first teacher, Beatriz Tirado. Who would have thought that this work would become the soundtrack of many of the most precious moments of our career?

Eugène Bozza (1905-1991) was a 20th century French composer noted for his compositions for wind instruments. His music was eclectic in style, drawing on neoclassicism, the other "isms" of the time and the influx of new musical influences in Europe such as jazz. His music is often compared to that of some of his contemporary compatriots such as Jaques Ibert, Darius Milhaud, Francis Poulenc or Henri Tomasi. However, Bozza stood out for his virtuosic melodic lines, the multiple colours of his harmonies and an idiomatic writing that reflects his great organological knowledge.

Undoubtedly, Bozza is one of the most important composers in the classical saxophone repertoire thanks to works such as Aria for alto saxophone and piano (1936), his 12 Etudes-caprices for saxophone (1944) and, of course, his saxophone quartet Andante et Scherzo (1938), a pillar work for our ensemble. The first movement of the work, Andante, is characterised by its harmonic colours and its calm character. The Scherzo stands out for its agility and virtuosity, the combination of the different passages between the 4 saxophones and its lively character.

Besides being the first piece we rehearsed together, it was also the first time we played it by heart as a quartet. This challenge enriched us a lot and we believe it was an essential step in building our own version of the work. It had given us so much joy in competitions and we had enjoyed playing it on so many stages that at the end of our time as students in Palma de Mallorca we decided to record it on audio and video.

Miquel Brunet and Ona Estudis accompanied us on 22nd June this year in this recording, which we made public on 3rd October to celebrate our third anniversary. Undoubtedly, one more recording experience that serves us to grow and leave a record of a beautiful memory and a great stage.

We hope that you can feel this music as we do, that you enjoy every colour and every melody that Eugène Bozza knew how to draw in a convulsed world about to witness the horrors of the Second World War. For us it is both a memory and a present, an old friend on the road, a soundtrack that will accompany us forever.


You can enjoy our new recording in audiovisual format on our social networks and on our YouTube channel!

You can also enjoy it in audio format on the main platforms like Spotify or Apple Music!


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