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One of the keys to keep improving our product as artists and as a group is criticism, both from external people, as well as the self-criticism that we ourselves establish about our work. Detecting those things that we like and that make us grow is fundamental to maintain them, and even to improve most of them, and of course, noticing those mistakes or elements to improve is fundamental to adopt new and better habits. Our musical path is not easy: not everybody speaks constructively, nor is it always easy to assume that you are not doing well something to which you dedicate so many hours a day.

Among many other things, the public offers us a unique feedback, a perspective on our work that only they can give us, no matter what they know or how old they are. Our music is aimed at a universal audience, and every substantiated opinion is relevant to our journey. At the last concert we gave in Palma, at the Teatre Sans, we were lucky enough to have among the audience the cultural critic Fernando Merino, who left a review of our performance on 18th March in his blog El Cuaderno de Pedropan, which you can read below.

For us these words are of great value and, as well as encouraging us to continue with our project and making us feel that all our work is worthwhile, they help us to improve and analyse our path.

That night at the centrally located Teatre Sans we also had the assistance of our friend Carles Expósito, physiotherapist and stage director who finally witnessed one of our performances after the group work sessions we have been doing during this course. His words were especially relevant for us: he has been guiding and observing our evolution in terms of group cohesion, staging and body health since last October 2021.

In his opinion, our group communication is now totally different, the staging much better and we started to break down barriers with the audience, getting closer with gestures, looks and words. However, there are still many things to work on in order to reach the highest possible artistic level.

With the aim of continuing to work on group communication and cohesion of the quartet, in the last session we went a step further in the dominance role exercises, in which we conducted the movement of our partner with our fingers, as can be seen in the following photo.

Through different combinations, adding exercises in which we had to think of certain melodies, Carles guided us in this work session without an instrument. Body and mental awareness in the work, together with perseverance, is the key to improve and move towards a common goal: to fit the 4 pieces that each of us make up to form a defined, cohesive figure, determined to walk in the same direction.


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