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From the Atlantic Ocean that bathes the Rías Baixas to the Mediterranean shores of Gandía and Barcelona: Lítore Quartet is full of sea, a beautiful blue nexus that gives our group its name and speaks the language of the grandmother of our mother tongues: Latin.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, we decided to look for a person willing to capture our essence as a group in a logo and improve our corporate image. We were very lucky to have the help of Noelia Pazos, a design student at the Complutense University of Madrid, who created the two versions of our logo: both the one we used in the 19/20 season and the current version. In this blog article we will show you its evolution and the symbolism it hides.

In order to reflect our origins in coastal areas of the Iberian Peninsula, the original logo had from the very beginning a blue detail in the letter L and waves separating it from the letter Q. However, the group was born in Mallorca, a Mediterranean island which is represented in the logo by its circular shape. Our instrument could not be missing either, which is why the design of the letter L imitates the shape of a saxophone. This is how the first version of our logo was born.

In the past year 2021 we decided to update it, but without renouncing its essence, as we felt very identified with it. On this occasion, Noelia proposed several new versions of the logo, in different colours and types, which you can see below.

We finally chose a logo that kept the essence of the original, with the saxophone represented by the letter L, the blue detail and the waves of the sea. The most significant change is that it became an isologotype, that is, a logo that includes the name of the group.

Since its creation, it has accompanied in all our projects and is an essential part of our identity as a group. Thank you Noelia for your work and for this amazing design!


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