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On Monday July 18th we landed in the summer heat of Mallorca to begin our last meeting of the season. Ten days of intense rehearsals, recording and photo sessions, a trip to Galicia and an unforgettable concert in Tomiño awaited us.

It was time to meet again with ONA recording studios and our dear friend Miquel Brunet, who once again would welcome us in Bunyola to immortalize our music. In our third adventure in front of the microphones and cameras, we set out to record two very special works for us: Fragments Striés, by the Catalan Héctor Parra; and Der Blutige Schaffner, by the German Robin Hoffmann. These two works were great challenges for us at the time, and all the effort and love we put into them paid off in numerous competitions and concerts.

On Friday, July 21, at 10 a.m., we started the audiovisual recording of Fragments Striés, to which we devoted the whole morning. After a lunch break, we began recording the first takes of Robin Hoffmann's work, which took up the whole afternoon.

Between rehearsals, ice cream and ensaimadas, on Sunday July 23 we had a new reunion, in this case with our trusted photographer: Inma del Valle. This time we moved to the east coast of the island of Mallorca, in a unique place where the mountain and the coast merge, very close to Colonya de Sant Pere. There we lived a unique (and risky) session, where we had to jump with our instruments, wet our suits and endure hellish temperatures. Of course, it was all worth it, thanks for your excellent work, Inma!

Rehearsals did not stop until the second session at ONA Estudis on Wednesday, July 26th. We dedicated the day to finishing the recording of Der Blutige Schaffner, whose difficulty and duration required our maximum concentration all day long. However, Miquel Brunet and the image director, Guillem, made the work much lighter and facilitated the day by bringing us their joy and good work at all times. We are looking forward to the result of these days of recording. Moltísimes gracis!

The next day we headed to Vigo to, for the third consecutive summer, spend a few days in Galicia. This year, of course, we would also leave our music in the area, and for the first time in Hugo's town. The romanesque church of San Vicenzo de Barrantes was filled with a large number of people: friends, family and music lovers who lived our last concert of the season. Here we leave you some fragments as a sample of this wonderful day!

Once again, we keep these memories in our hearts wishing that they will be repeated very soon. We are looking forward to a new season full of surprises, projects and, above all, a lot of illusion. LÍ-TO-RE!!!!


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